Tale with a Fox

We met at dawn
on the well-walked stretch of woods 
between my home and the village

I was on my usual path
and drowsy with footsteps upon the stillness
when I sensed another soul behind me

a fox
in the half-haze of a hunt
following my trail

her whiskers brushed my boots
and she looked up

without concern
she jumped into my arms
turned a nest and wrapped herself asleep

while the grey above lay it’s winter love 
I held her with the purring

how long were we together
time enough for the snow to cover her fur and my cap

I brushed off the snow
and kissed her between the ears 

she opened her eyes
and considered me, as if remembering me
with a yawn this sleepy fox spoke

“it is so nice to see you again James”

then she smiled
jumped down
and went away into the trees

I was bewildered
though chose to believe
that I’d done something to favor such a visit

and I reason that you have as well
and why I tell you this tale with a fox

she was an honest comfort to me
and why should I keep that from you